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James Conway jwc at
Mon Aug 6 11:15:44 PDT 2007

Hello Raith Users,

This is normally a problem when the L-REM module on the SEM side of the 
platform either becomes revoked by the application, or  often simply 
losses its default settings for control between the Electron Optics Card 
and the scanning functions to the LCD.  We only see this rarely.  If 
users see this problem please 'make a comment' to Coral.
It can be resolved by gracefully logging out on the SEM computer from 
the application and then from the Windows OS and then [ SHUT DOWN ] the 
computer and turn it back on. then log back on to the OS and the Column 
Control application.

The RAITH computer and Raith150.exe application does not have to be shut 
down and restarted.  But do ensure that REMCOM is back up and with 
communiation ports open once you start your operations again.

I will add this to a list of FAQ that will be coming out soon.


James Conway

xinranw at wrote:
> I found the SEM shifts quite a lot when I changed the magnification. Asked by James to shut down the LEO computer and restart it (to reload the modules), and solved the problem. 
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