Reminder of scheduled down time on RAITH 150 for Maintenance on Wednesday August 8, 2007 and most prime time periods through Friday early afternoon.

James Conway jwc at
Mon Aug 6 11:51:45 PDT 2007

*Greetings Raith Users *

We will be taking the RAITH system off line mid-week this week for 
periodic maintenance to:

   1. The water chiller cooling loop for the E/O Card and Electrostatic
      Lens, replacing the loaner NESLAB chiller with our repaired unit
      after normal maintenance.
   2. Inspecting and Cleaning the mounts and checking the Laser
      Interferometer Stage functionality and Piezo Leveling Post height
      and an inspection for wear.
   3. We will install and test a new Universal Sample Holder (USH) which
      has adjustable kinetic mounts to resolve issues we have recently
      experienced with the Standard Sample Holder.
      My measurements have determined that the sample holder we have is
      rapidly wearing out and we are seeking permanent solution to give
      us a level stage to mount our samples on for Ebeam exposures.
   4. With Mirwais Aktary from RAITH USA Inc., we will also be reviewing
      all the standard settings on the system, perform stitching and
      overlay test, and finally checking settings on many of the Manual
      and Automatic Write Field alignment functions for everyone.

*The RAITH system will go off line for Users starting at 10 AM WEDNESDAY 
AUGUST 8, 2007. It will come back on line for Users Friday about 2:00 PM:*

    We desire to minimize the impact of this down time so we hope to
    make the system available to Users overnight Wednesday after
    completing the cooling loop repairs.
    RAITH Field service and I will resume our work 10 AM Thursday
    morning  handling back the system to Users at approximately 7:00 PM
    and continuing with the schedule on Coral.
    Lastly I plan to perform the PCM and Qualification run on Friday
    Morning AUGUST 10, 2007 and hand the system back to Users when that
    exposure completes at ~ 2:00 PM.
    Users will need to be flexible with their session Start times and
    strive work cooperatively with everyone throughout this period. 
    Their are many opportunities for Users to 'Share the Ride'
    throughout this period.  See me if you have pressing deadlines for
    your work.

Thank you for your Support!

James Conway

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