Raith water flow failure and load lock error

Shinichi Koseki koseki at stanford.edu
Sat Aug 25 15:32:29 PDT 2007

Dear Raith users,

Now I tried to start my session, and I got the load lock error.
I pushed down the lid of the load lock. But before the turbo pump
started, there came a pop up window saying "The vacuum in the stage
chamber is not ready." I clicked "retry", but it did not help.
I also pushed a button on the turbo control.

At 12:00 today, there seems to be a water flow error. (error 593
on LEO), althogh it resumed after one hour. (warning 594)

Does anyone know how I can recover the situation, and unload
the previous user's (yiyang) sample ?

Thanks for your help !

cell: 650-714-2105
koseki at stanford.edu

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