Problem raith SNF 2007-08-25 16:48:05: No TV / Inlens image and how to recover...

James Conway jwc at
Tue Aug 28 10:43:24 PDT 2007

Greetings Raith Users:

We have seen this issue surface several times through the course of the 
last week and rarely in the past.

This is normally a result of the L-REM SEM control module on the SEM 
computer not registering with the LEO server upon user login and 
application launch.

To recover from this issue you should gracefully exit the application 
and shut down the Windows 2000 OS, allow ten seconds after the SEM 
computer screens turns black, and then press the front panel power 
button to power up the SEM PC.  The RAITH PC  and the RAITH150.exe 
application DO NOT have to be shut down or exited.  But be sure that REM 
CON on the SEM computer has its communication channel open to allow 
communications between the computers. 

If this does not repair the problems please contact James Conway. You 
can also refer to FAQ No. 3: How to Reinstall Detectors to the LEO 
Configuration File" listed in the beginning of the RAITH 150 Notebook 
No. Three.  You will need to obtain a password to access this 
configuration page.

I am continuing to evaluate this problem closely to determine the root 
cause of this intermittent problem.  Users are requested to call me 
immediately if this occurs during your day time RAITH session.

Thank you,

James Conway

koseki at wrote:
> No TV / Inlens image are obtained. The starting up log of the LEO-SRV says "L-REM is not responding".
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