Raith Holiday Shutdown Schedule and Maintenance Plan

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Tue Dec 11 11:54:56 PST 2007

*RIE polymeric micro-pillar formation during RIE etch...

Greetings Raith User Community:*

We will be starting our Holiday shutdown and annual RAITH  Preventative 
Maintenance activities 7 AM Wednesday December 19th, no student access 
to the cleanroom or the Ebeam Lab after this time.

*1. Action required by Friday December 14, 2007:  Users are reminded to 
clean out all of their samples from the Ebeam Lab Pass Through by the 
end of the Day Friday December 14, 2007:*
All materials left in the dry box after Tuesday  December 18th will be 
discarded and/or considered donations to the Lab.  I am happily 
accepting donations of quality Quartz, SOI, and GaAs substrates 
preferably sized to 100 mm wafers. Please also take a minute to assist 
us to clean up the Ebeam Lab by removing all extra engineering materials 
and wiping down the equipment. Just five minutes of help from each of 
you is all I ask...

*2. Action required by Tuesday  December 18, 2007:  All Users should 
back up their project, GDSII pattern and position list files to another 
host or medium as a precaution before the RAITH visit. I will have 
backed up the entire file system for the RAITH and LEO computers by the 
end of this week, but you should NOT depend on my backups to secure your 

Wednesday December 19, 2007:*

    * *Notice:  All Ebeam Lab users should be out of the lab and
      cleanroom at 7 AM!*

    * RAITH USA Field Service Manager Cole Loomis will arrive to perform
      the complete Annual Preventive Service routine including a
      complete SEM column clean with FE-GUN and aperture replacements.

      In addition we will address several outstanding service and
      maintenance issues related to the Cooling Water loop, replace the
      main chamber turbo pump with a new turbo pump, and check out the
      leveling on all the sample fixtures.  We will then complete the PM
      by starting a 200 hour bake out of the column.  We performed a
      similar extended bake out last year which resulted in optimal Gun
      section vacuum levels and provided us with a clean environment for
      the Gun to operate.  Through the last year we have not had any
      downtime related to the FE-Gun and EHT power supplies and vacuum
      has been maintained in the upper  to middle -010 Torr range.

*Friday January 4th, 2008:*

    * RAITH USA Field Service arrives and brings up the FE-Gun and RAITH
      150 Platform and performs mechanical test of the Load Lock
      transfer arm and electrical test on the system.
      24 hours of FE-Gun operation are required before checking and
      final adjustments can be performed.
    * After 24 hours or more of Beam Time:  All normal SEM E/O card
      adjustments including Field Orthogonality and magnification range
      and stigmation amplifier centering functions check and alignments.
      The second Days adjustments may be deferred to the following Monday...

Monday January 7th, 2007:*

    * 10  - 11 AM Raith performs final system adjustments as required.
    * 11 AM - 6 PM James W. Conway performs the RAITH Qualification and
      PCM test procedures following the template in RAITH Notebook NO.
      Two, including factory acceptance testing for maximum SEM Imaging
      Resolution and test Write Field to Write Field and Overlay Layer
      One to Layer Two Stitching test on 100 nm PMMA reference films on
    * 6 PM to 6 AM January 8th, 2007  Raith Operations restricted to
      RAITH Champions only.  Users test the system and report any noted
      changes or problems encountered.

*Tuesday January 8th, 2007:


    *   6 AM to 10 AM:  The system will be available for all Users at
      all levels of skill resuming the Coral reservation schedule.
    *   Users seeking specific application support and training
      assistance during the first week of operations should schedule
      these sessions with James Conway before the December Shutdown.

This plan is much the same plans as in years past and some flexibility 
in the schedule will be required to adapt to changing circumstances as 
they arise.

Hoping everyone will have a Safe and Joyous Holiday Season!

Thank you all for your continuing support through the last year!

James Conway
Ebeam Lab SNF

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