Raith Policy -- The 16 minute rule

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Feb 2 17:30:50 PST 2007

Greetings Raith Users:

John Liu whom just qualified on the system posted a great question I 
wish to reiterate with all users working on the RAITH tool:

John Liu wrote:
> Hi James,
> I remember you saying that if we switched times with another user their was
> a way we should notify others. . . Was there a designated website for this
> purpose?
> Also, I have a question on the 16 minute rule. Another user ran from
> 9pm-12am Thursday after what I presume was a no show. . . The next user had
> a 10hour reservation today 12-10am but didn't show yet; however the enabled
> user has enough patterns to run into about 4am or later. Is it normal
> courtesy to give the enabled user lost opportunity until all his/her
> patterns are done writing?
> Thanks,
> John
James replied:

Please post all notifications, cancellations, and schedule changes and 
switches in the Coral schedule to Raith at snf.stanford.edu.

Good Question on the 16 minute rule: 

It is an acceptable practice to make a longer exposure position list 
than for your reservation session period, just in case the next user did 
not show up for his reservation -- or is simply running late coming onto 
the system.  I would expect that the user on the system would leave a 
note of at which position it is OK to abort his run if they desire to 
extend into the next session. 

However if he did not add additional reservation time to the schedule 
upon notice of the cancellation by the other user -- any user can make a 
reservation on CORAL and then abort his write in progress at that coral 
reservation sessions start time. That User should also post a email 
message to the list that they intend to take the session. If no one 
wants the system, as often occurs in the early morning hours, then the 
previous user could write until the next reservation's time.

Designed into this policy is that ALL USERS will share the opportunity 
to write equally if several users desire access within a long 
reservation window.
It is expected that all users will display a modicum of courtesy between 
Users working on the Raith Tool, and if possible, return the system 
early to the next user in the Coral Queue, or others if time remains 
within the previously canceled reservation slot.

If a user does not post a note on the tool, or send a email to the 
raith at snf.stanford.edu  indicating his wish to start late; then any user 
who wished to may enable the tool and use it for their exposures.  It is 
only upon that user's courtesy if they return the system to the previous 
user whom lost their reservation at minute 16 of the reserved session.  
He whom enables first has the tool.

Note:  that their are no time limits on the utilization of the RAITH 
tool -- just to reservations made for the tool in order to ensure fair 
and equal access to all qualified users on the tool within a ten day to 
two week period. Users whom are unable to make a reservation on the 
RAITH over a two week period should see me during my office hour and 
together we can seek solutions.

System us up and in fine condition.  Beam Current is near optimal values 
for normal exposure parameters.  Contamination dots in the 10 - 20 nm 
diameter range were obtained in qualification sessions today. Gun vacuum 
is in the 5.0E-010 Torr range.

Please play nicely together over the weekend!

James Conway

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