Handing off my reservation to Ilya Fushman

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Jun 14 14:51:18 PDT 2007

*Greetings Raith Users,*

To help Users working on the RAITH tool that needed time to complete 
their write as well as to catch up from last weekend's down time I have 
taken the following actions:

    * I have allowed Frank Jaeckel to extend his write into my session
      time from his slot this morning.
    *  I am now releasing the remainder of my reservation's time to Ilya
      Fushman so he and others working with him can complete their
      tasking this week.

All Users are strongly encouraged to carefully time their EBL pattern 
writing times and strive to accomodate other Users needing  time on the 
system by 'Sharing the Ride' in order to increase throughput and 
capacity on the system. 
Users wishing to determine actual write time versus calculated write 
time need only refer to the PROTOCOL.htm log on the system.  Select the 
date, your pattern write and click the 'exposures' tab on the upper part 
of the first page.  The column 'duration' is the actual time of the 
writing process to the second.

Finally I am feeling rather poorly today and am not feeling well at all 
so I will be leaving for the remainder of the afternoon.  I will be 
available by cell phone if any problems arise.  I will also be away on 
vacation tomorrow and Monday returning to SNF Tuesday morning at my 
normal office hour.

Thank you for your support,

James Conway

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