New bottles of PMMA in the cleanroom solvent storage -- BUT PLEASE USE UP THE OLDER BOTTLES FIRST!

James Conway jwc at
Fri Nov 2 16:23:12 PDT 2007

Greetings PMMA Users:

I have just stocked new bottles of 5% and 9% PMMA into the solvent 
cabinet.  Last week I brought in a new bottle of 2% 950K.

Please use up the last remaining volume of the old bottle(s) before you 
open the new bottles.  I used the 2% 950K PMMA - A 
in the old bottle this last Tuesday and it spins fine and to the 
thicknesses in the spin speed (f) thickness plots on the resist process 
suite website.

Users should also note that there are different molecular weights for 
the 5% PMMA. Our default is the 5% 495K MW PMMA in Anisole. I also have 
a batch of 5% 950K PMMA in Anisole that is an evaluation lot.  I was 
able to get very nice results with this material.  Users working in dual 
layer resist systems for metal liftoff will still want to use the 5% 
495K MW PMMA blend.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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