Raith is locked

S. Ekin Kocabas kocabas at stanford.edu
Wed Oct 17 05:28:29 PDT 2007

Good Morning/Night,

I came to the lab to find out that there was a load lock error in one  
of the previous sessions. Here's what I get when I try to load the  

'There were errors on the last procedure. Please verify first.'
[Hit OK]

'Error 212 - MoverRobotArmIn'
'Error 213 - MoveRobotArmOut'
'Error 212 - MoverRobotArmIn'
[Hit Reset]

'Cannot Reset Access Denied'

To prevent frustration among users, I'd strongly suggest emailing to  
the list in addition to putting a comment on coral in the case of a  

I'm canceling my session.


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