New bottle of 2% 950K MW PMMA in anisole -- from same batch as the previous bottle to be finished up...

James Conway jwc at
Tue Oct 23 17:59:56 PDT 2007

Congratulations 2% 950K PMMA Users:

Usage of this expensive material is significantly less than for the same 
quarter a year ago. 
The last batch of 2% 950K MW PMMA in anisole in bottle No 2 of 250 ml 
volume lasted nearly six months!  A year ago we went through this much 
in three to four weeks.
Users have changed how they handle this material and by using syringes 
to dispense this polymer we are wasting much less material as before.
Thank you for helping SNF reduce our cost of engineering materials!*

I have just stocked a new 250 ml bottle from the same batch lot 
(Microchem Lot. 060050394 bottle No 3.) 

Please use up the remaining material left in the old bottle before 
opening the next.  I spun films with that bottle this morning and the 
polymer is just fine and will render excellent thin films using the Headway.
(100 nm thin films:  1600 - 1620 rpm for 30 seconds -- 200 degrees bake 
2 minutes hotplate. All samples had less than 1% sigma thickness.  
Typically 1015 - 1025 angstroms ...)

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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