"Finished" early: Raith150 program crashed

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Apr 10 12:07:41 PDT 2008

Hello ALL:

We have seen this problem from time to time on the RAITH computer when 
running the RAITH150.exe application.  Often after cancelling a exposure 
or when doing a lot of changes in the editor without saving yur changes 

  While I am not sure, I think this is due to some memory addressing 
issues whereas the WINDOW XP OS doesn't allow an application to address 
specific addresses in the memory arrays if it has not been allocated 
within the application. I am not a windows software person so maybe 
someone else has a better diagnosis or opinion.

If this occurs on the system it is recommended to gracefully *shut down* 
the RAITH computer and restart the WIN XP OS. and then the RAITH 

I will bring this up at the RAITH Users meeting at Three Beams in late 
May to determine if other users are encountering this issue and how it 
can be reduced or eliminated.


James Conway

Aaron Hryciw wrote:
> Hello all (especially James, who might know why this happened, and 
> koseki, who is next) -
> I am "finished" my session early, due to a crash of the Raith150 
> program.  I was saving some minor changes to my patterns in the GDSII 
> database while making my final positionlist, and, after eight 
> modifications without any problems, the Raith150 program suddenly 
> popped up two fatal error messages, indicating something to the effect 
> of a "read violation" of some memory address (sorry, I don't remember 
> the exact wording), and shut down.  Upon restarting the program, the 
> UVW coordinate system was reset, the positionlist wasn't saved, and, 
> in any event, I do not have time to refocus, etc., in my remaining 
> reservation time.
> Does anyone know why I got these error messages and the Raith150 
> crash?  Did I exceed available memory?  My patterns were reasonably 
> large dose arrays, explicitly drawn out as single structure references 
> (perhaps this was a mistake, and I ought to have made a structure 
> reference of the single structure, and done the matrix duplication in 
> the positionlist instead).  Please advise!
> Best,
>  - Aaron
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