Issues with the Universal holder (Raith)

Byoungil Lee bilee at
Tue Apr 22 06:17:25 PDT 2008

Dear James,

I found a couple of issues with the Universal sample holder over the last night. 

4inch wafer-range leveling (height control) does not work anymore on the universal holder. It used to work beautifully just until 3 days ago. ( I attached the picture of 50nm metal lines which were patterned with wafer-size leveling 3 days ago. )  Is the universal holder too damaged to do wafer-range height control?  I am really concerned since height control is very critical for my current ebeam process.

Also, the Faraday cup on Stage on the universal holder does not work as well. I am pointing this out because I'm not sure what you mentioned in your previous email was about universal holder or std. holder. 

Thank you for your help!
Byoungil Lee

Ph.D Candidate
Center for Integrated Systems, CISX B113
420 Via Palou,
Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305.
Phone: +1-650-796-9791
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