Is Raith going to be up tomorrow morning?

James Conway jwc at
Tue Apr 29 19:17:41 PDT 2008

Hello Kyeongran and Raith Community:

Late today I remounted the ceramic ball and the top plate of the P3 
Piezo mount to the piezo post after allowing the epoxy adhesive 
attaching the ball to cure in atmosphere overnight.
Upon staring the system pump down I ran into unexpected problems with 
the turbo pump(TP) and/or its vacuum controller when it did not reach 
proper speeds before a timeout tripped in the controller stopped the 
pump down sequence
I will need to open and remount the two ports that I have opened to 
effect repairs to the piezo mount.  I will resume this work tomorrow.
Hoping to have the system available to users tomorrow evening...

My apologizes for the interruption to your research plans,

James Conway
SNF Ebeam Lab

Kyeongran Yoo wrote:
> Hello James,
> I have a joint session with SangBum tomorrow morning at Raith.
> I am wondering if it is going to be up by then.
> Please let me know and thanks,
> Kyeongran
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