RAITH Status 18:00 Wednesday -- System repairs completed -- I need to finish more testing tomorrow before releasing to users.

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Apr 30 18:43:27 PDT 2008

*Good Evening Raith Community:
Many thanks to the many Users whom have offered assistance, a spare hand 
to help me reach things from behind the tool, and support during this 
very difficult week.

I believe we have completed repairs to the stage and today I replaced 
the O-ring seal to the rear door that prevented me from pumping down the 
system last night.  The rear door O-ring seal is a difficult one to keep 
in place during installation and fitting of the door to the chamber. 
Last night as I screwed down the door I pinched the O-ring on the seal 
surface and it was sliced.

Currently I am pumping down the system,and running up the FE-Gun. I have 
successfully completed three automatic and two manual Load Lock 
exchanges of the Universal Sample Holder.

Tomorrow I will test each of the two sample holders by performing the 
Load Lock exchange five times each to ensure that we are going to stay 
up when Users come onto the tool.

I hope to resume the coral schedule in the mid to late afternoon. Best 
guess is 3 PM hand off to users on the schedule. FE-Gum emission should 
be close to normal levels.

To catch up to the schedule I am asking all users to "Share the Ride" 
and  load with others after you to create opportunities for those whom 
were impacted by this down time.
It is also now expected that all Users will be in attendance at the 
RAITH tool as their exposures complete to reduce idle system time 
between reservation slots.

If anyone has any questions please see me during my office hours.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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