Please don't use the Raith until further notice!!!

Andrei Faraon faraon at
Thu Aug 28 17:48:29 PDT 2008


Today we had three times the problem with the loadlock arm not reaching the
outer home position. The robot arm does get into the loadlock but it does
not engage the sensor that allows for the loadlock gate valve to close. I
was able to finish the loading/unloading procedure after loging in as
Administrator and manually finishing the procedure.

The error does not appear for every loading/unloading procedure. However,
every time it happens it requires me (or other user with Administrator
password) to come and recover the samples. If noone is around to recover the
samples the turbo will keep pumping on the loadlock and it is possible to
get a turbo failure, which is not easy to fix.

For this reason, please don't use the Raith until tomorrow morning. In the
morning I will call RaithUSA and try to solve the problem. I will send
another update tomorrow morning.

Thank you,
Andrei Faraon

Stanford University, Applied Physics
316 Via Pueblo Mall
Stanford, CA, 94305
Mobile: 650 714 7881
Office: 650 723 2279
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