Raith status update

Andrei Faraon faraon at stanford.edu
Fri Aug 29 10:48:00 PDT 2008

Dear Raith users,

With the help of RaithUSA we think we were able to solve the problem. Raith
is now back to users but please keep an eye on the tool. In case you
encounter a robot arm error during the unloading procedure, please call one
of the Raith champions (Andrei 650 714 7881, Yuan 387 0715 or Xinran 796
4743). If noone picks up the phone then follow the procedure that pops up on
the Raith computer (to drive the robot arm OUT you will have to move the
joystick forward after you pushed the T button - Raith will instruct you to
do so). In case the robot arm does not reach the outer home posotion after
this step, you will encounter a fatal error and a superuser will have to
recover the samples for you. You should call again a Raith champion, send an
email to the list that a fatal error has occured and leave a note on the
Raith keyboard.

Hopefully we will not have any more problems until James comes back!
Thank you!
Andrei Faraon

Stanford University, Applied Physics
316 Via Pueblo Mall
Stanford, CA, 94305
Mobile: 650 714 7881
Office: 650 723 2279
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