raith free 7:30-9:30 tonight -- need 30kV.

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Jan 18 13:14:33 PST 2008

Hello Lindsay,

I expect we should be able to work at 30 keV by mid week next week.  
Need Gun section vacuum levels to be below 8E-010 Torr.  I tested the 
system to 25 kV this morning and vacuum levels are fine but emission on 
the FE-GUN is still very low.  It will take some time to run in this 
FE-Gun tip, in normal practice we normally put on 250 hours before 
running up the emission to normal values.  This week and next I will be 
slowly bringing the Extraction voltage upwards in 100 volts steps per 
day till I hit my target values.

All the Best,

James Conway

Lindsay Moore wrote:
> I need 30kV.
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