Problem with RAITH PC

Arash Hazeghi ahazeghi at
Tue Jul 1 17:56:18 PDT 2008

Dear RAITH users,

I was using the tool on Saturday, I had leveled the wafer, done align WF
etc. and just ready for the write however when I opened my GDSII file (which
I had used before) the RAITH application sw crashed with "invalid floating
point operation" error message. I waited for several minutes and nothing
happened so I killed RAITH.exe and restarted it. Beam, coordinates and other
settings were not lost so I realigned the WF and started an exposure.  After
looking at my wafer today I realized that nothing had been written. I have
attached a screen shot of what the screen looked like when RAITH crashed. My
patterns are simple electrodes and pads and do not require large memory and
I have successfully written them before. I am wondering if anyone else has
encountered this problem and if there is a solution. 









Arash Hazeghi


PhD Candidate

Stanford Center for Integrated Systems

CIS-X 300, 420 Via Palou Mall, 

Stanford, CA 94305


phone: +1-650-725-0418



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