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Vanessa Sih vsih at stanford.edu
Sun Jun 1 09:44:21 PDT 2008


I tried to use the modified load procedure this morning, and I get the
following error message when I click on the lightning rod button on the T

> Find Home motor T failed (-1)!

I tried shutting down both computers and retrying, but this did not help.  I
didn't want to try the normal load procedure, so I am giving up on Raith use
for today.


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> Just use the tool and send me email a d be sure to log your sessions in the
> logbook.
> Jwc
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> Dear All,
> I thought I was going to be able to use the tool. But, since the tool is
> still in red, I assume I do not have access to the tool.  (or, can I try to
> use it? )
> I am releasing my session from 0am to 4am.
> Thank you,
> Byoungil
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> Hi Jesse,
> Thank you for your help to bring raith up. But raith is still in red light
> mode in coral, if this is the case, can we still use it or someone has to
> turn it to yellow first?
> Thanks,
> Xinran
> On Sat, May 31, 2008 at 2:48 PM, Jesse Lu <jesselu at stanford.edu <mailto:
> jesselu at stanford.edu> > wrote:
>  Hey Raith users,
> After a few hours on the phone with James and a Raith representative, we
> seem to be able to load samples now. The T translation system seems to be
> still acting up, but we were able to successfully load a sample this
> afternoon at 2pm. However, we used a modified loading procedure.
> James says to: use a modified load procedure
> * Do not simply hit the Load Sample button in the Loadlock window to drive
> your sample into the e-beam chamber.
> * Instead, perform a Find Home position for T procedure
> * This is done by first going to the Find Home window
> * Then click on the lightning rod button on the T row
> * Wait a few seconds for the procedure to finish
> * Finally, check the Delta value for T in the Find Home window
> * Please perform this procedure 2-3 times until the Delta value is on the
> order of 20-50 microns
> * Then proceed with the normal load procedure by clicking the Load Sample
> button in the Loadlock window
> John Shott, James would also like you to put the system back in yellow
> light mode if possible.
> Finally, users Mitsuru and Kathryn are currently "sharing the ride" on the
> tool. Let's revert back to the usual schedule at midnight tonight with
> Bilee's reservation. If extra time is needed because of this delay, let's be
> flexible with one another.
> Jesse
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