Problem with loading/unloading sample

Li Zhang zhangli at
Sun Jun 8 13:27:40 PDT 2008

releasing my session from 2:00pm to 4:pm due to the load lock problem.


On 6/6/08, Yuan Zhang <zhangy at> wrote:
> Dear Raith users,
> During unloading and loading my sample today, an error occurs at the "Robot
> arm out" step, with a message saying that "manual procedure has to be
> followed to bring the robot arm to outer position". However, I checked the
> loadlock and found out the robot arm had been totally out. Then I clicked
> "OK" to all the message box without doing anything real to the system. The
> gate valve successfully closed afterwards, and the system went back to
> normal. I talked to some other user and found out this problem occurred
> since afternoon. I guess everyone after me may see the same problem. So my
> suggestion is to check if the robot arm is totally in loadlock (by eye) and
> make sure the gate valve is closed before you continue on. You don't have to
> adjust T position if the robot arm is in loadlock. If you have questions,
> please call James(I can't reach him) or one of the Raith champions.
> Hopefully it's just a software bug. I put the system in yellow light.
> Good luck,
> Yuan

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