Problem with loading/unloading sample

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I'm releasing my session due to the same problem. Now, Raith is free until




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releasing my session from 2:00pm to 4:pm due to the load lock problem.




On 6/6/08, Yuan Zhang <zhangy at> wrote: 

Dear Raith users,

During unloading and loading my sample today, an error occurs at the "Robot
arm out" step, with a message saying that "manual procedure has to be
followed to bring the robot arm to outer position". However, I checked the
loadlock and found out the robot arm had been totally out. Then I clicked
"OK" to all the message box without doing anything real to the system. The
gate valve successfully closed afterwards, and the system went back to
normal. I talked to some other user and found out this problem occurred
since afternoon. I guess everyone after me may see the same problem. So my
suggestion is to check if the robot arm is totally in loadlock (by eye) and
make sure the gate valve is closed before you continue on. You don't have to
adjust T position if the robot arm is in loadlock. If you have questions,
please call James(I can't reach him) or one of the Raith champions.
Hopefully it's just a software bug. I put the system in yellow light.

Good luck,

Li Zhang
Dai's Group
Department of Chemistry 
Stanford University
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