Don't steal from me!

James Conway jwc at
Thu Jun 12 17:51:30 PDT 2008

Good Afternoon Ebeam Lab Users:

The Raith system will remain off line to users this evening as we 
continue to troubleshoot several issues that have appeared on the system.

All Users are firmly reminded that all engineering materials in my dry 
box and my tool boxes are my property, and have been purchased at my 
expense and not paid for by SNF.

Several items were taken from my amber dry box last night, including the 
last entire sheet of the 10 mm spectra tab low out gassing Carbon 
adhesive tabs.
This is unacceptable and I will expect these material to be returned and 
on my desk by tomorrow morning or I will take further action.

This was the third time in as many weeks that some person, or persons, 
have entered the Ebeam Lab during the evenings and taken precision tools 
and engineering materials from me.

Theft will not be tolerated in my Lab.

James Conway

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