Universal holder test

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Fri May 2 13:48:03 PDT 2008


Thank you for your measurements!
These are very encouraging numbers!

Users should note that I have not yet performed any mechanical 
adjustments to either sample holder as of yet.

Talk with you next Monday afternoon.


Byoungil Lee wrote:
> Dear James,
> I have tested the universal holder this morning.
> Fortunately, now, leveling works for 4inch wafer-range !!
> The WD's was
> 5.297 @  -40,0
> 5.229 @  40,0
> 5.259 @  0, -40
> You may want to do a little more adjustment.
> Thank you,
> Byoungil
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>     completed -- I need to finish more testing tomorrow before
>     releasing to users.
>     I have not had the time to get to this point yet.  But likely it
>     is much better than last week!  ;-)
>     Give it a try and let me know...
>     I will continue on the system tomorrow morning with my Raith Class
>     10 - 2 PM
>     Best,
>     James Conway
>     Byoungil Lee wrote:
>>     Dear James,
>>     Regarding the condition of Raith, I have a question.
>>     Is the Universal Holder ready also for leveling or height control?
>>     My chip size is about 1cm and it was not possible to get
>>     reasonable WD uniformity across the chip.
>>     Thank you for your support,
>>     Byoungil
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>>         *Subject:* RAITH Status 18:00 Wednesday -- System repairs
>>         completed -- I need to finish more testing tomorrow before
>>         releasing to users.
>>         *Good Evening Raith Community:
>>         *
>>         Many thanks to the many Users whom have offered assistance, a
>>         spare hand to help me reach things from behind the tool, and
>>         support during this very difficult week.
>>         I believe we have completed repairs to the stage and today I
>>         replaced the O-ring seal to the rear door that prevented me
>>         from pumping down the system last night.  The rear door
>>         O-ring seal is a difficult one to keep in place during
>>         installation and fitting of the door to the chamber. Last
>>         night as I screwed down the door I pinched the O-ring on the
>>         seal surface and it was sliced.
>>         Currently I am pumping down the system,and running up the
>>         FE-Gun. I have successfully completed three automatic and two
>>         manual Load Lock exchanges of the Universal Sample Holder.
>>         Tomorrow I will test each of the two sample holders by
>>         performing the Load Lock exchange five times each to ensure
>>         that we are going to stay up when Users come onto the tool.
>>         I hope to resume the coral schedule in the mid to late
>>         afternoon. Best guess is 3 PM hand off to users on the
>>         schedule. FE-Gum emission should be close to normal levels.
>>         To catch up to the schedule I am asking all users to "Share
>>         the Ride" and  load with others after you to create
>>         opportunities for those whom were impacted by this down time.
>>         It is also now expected that all Users will be in attendance
>>         at the RAITH tool as their exposures complete to reduce idle
>>         system time between reservation slots.
>>         If anyone has any questions please see me during my office hours.
>>         Thank you for your support!
>>         James Conway
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