Minor problems this morning

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Mon May 19 18:29:51 PDT 2008

Hello Dany-Sebastian and Raith Users:

So it seems that we have seen this problem several times over the 
weekend as I received two calls SAT and one this afternoon on  thread No 
2, below.

If you don't have cameras or detectors then it is a module called L-REM 
that didn't register on the server properly OR its' instruction set 
became corrupted upon the read operation. 
Gracefully exit out of both the LEO column control and Windows XP OS 
applications gracefully selecting 'shutdown'. Upon rebooting the 
computer it should be OK!

NO 2 is a loss of the IEEE-488 communications buss to the Piezo support 
post in the Laser Interferometer Stage and it too will be resolved by 
shutting down the RAITH PC and rebooting.

Remember on both of these computers to [SHUTDOWN] and not [RESTART} as 
it needs the 0 volt signal to reinit the communications across several 
buss for everything to work properly.

All the Best,

James Conway

Dany-Sebastien Ly-Gagnon wrote:
> I encountered 2 minor problems with RAITH this morning.
> (1) Camera and SEM didn't work. Couldn't use the camera (TV) nor SEM 
> right after loading. Both computers were shutdown and rebooted, then 
> SEM computer was back in normal conditions and I could now see the 
> stage through the camera (TV). Encountered the same problem a second 
> time after doing a write field alignment. I noticed that the EHT went 
> down for no apparent reason. There was no image even through the 
> camera. Again, shutdown and reboot worked, but refocus & astigmatism 
> was necessary.
> (2) Error Piezo Control message upon loading RAITH150. The error 
> message was "Piezo Hardware not connected." Didn't seem to cause 
> problem, as I don't use the piezo anyway.
> -- 
> Dany 
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