raith update; if you are writing today please load your sample at 9:30 am today

Xinran Wang xinranw at stanford.edu
Fri May 23 09:12:27 PDT 2008

Hi Kelley,
Is there a way to write down the loading procedure for people to follow
while James is away? If this continue to be a problem, we cannot just load
people's chips in one time of a day because of limited clips and the
availability of the samples. Can we ask for James permission to use the
administrator login for this limited time and then he can change the
password once coming back? If there is a phone number we can call 24/7 that
will be ok too...


On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 8:12 AM, <krivoire at stanford.edu> wrote:

> Hi raith users,
> As many of you are aware, Raith is having loading problems, and James is
> out of town.
> With help from James by phone, I was able to use the service login to load
> my chip this morning. In order to avoid having to do this for every session,
> James would like to load chips for *ALL* users scheduled to write today when
> my session ends at 9:30 am, when either he will be available by phone to
> guide the loading process or will have someone from Raith call us to help.
> thanks,
> Kelley
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