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Wed May 28 09:19:02 PDT 2008

Done earlier. It seems to work very well so far.


Quoting Byoungil Lee <bilee at stanford.edu>:

> It's a problem caused by a switch in the controller box.
> The switch called 'ebeam' should be up position, but sometimes it's
> mysteriously switched down...
> It was okay until 3am today.
> Byoungil
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> Subject: finishing early -- beam blanking issues
>> The beam blank button seemed to be in reverse mode. I could see the  
>>   SEM image in the off mode, and vice versa. More importantly, the   
>> beam  would not stay blanked during a move from one position to   
>> another  (whether you turn the blanker on or off). I shut down both  
>>  computers,  and after starting up again, could not see the SEM   
>> image at all.

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