Philip Wong's Freshman Seminar - Tour on 10/10

James Conway jwc at
Thu Oct 9 17:25:40 PDT 2008

Hi Mary,

I will not be in tomorrow.

However there is almost always someone skilled in EBL and SEM working in 
the lab and I am sure they would be happy to show off their work to the 
students and visitors.



Mary Tang wrote:
> Hi all --
> Philip is organizing another SNF lab tour for his freshman seminar on 
> nanotechnology.  He'd like to schedule this for 2:15-4 pm on Friday, 
> Oct. 10.  As last year, there will be two, 45 minute sessions, each 
> with about 8 students.  While one session is in a classroom, getting a 
> "what is SNF" presentation, looking at and playing with wafers, the 
> other session will be getting the cleanroom tour.  Then around 3 pm, 
> they will switch.
> I'll take care of the presentation and wafers.  Could you please help 
> with the in-lab tour?  Paul is also available to help where needed.
> James -- last year, you were working in the lab and showing off Raith 
> and 4160 images -- could you be around to do this again this year?  
> (It seems appropriate to show them some real nanotechnology, since 
> it's the theme of the class.)
> By the way, this is how we found Lili -- she took this class and had 
> the lab tour -- and then contacted us about working here.  Who knows?  
> There may be another winner in this crowd!
> So, please let me know your availability --
> Thanks,
> Mary
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