ZEP bottle is empty

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Oct 22 09:22:11 PDT 2008

We should have another bottle in stock.

Users are supposed to also inform us when we get to less than 15 ml.

Thanks for the report and I will check it out.


I have lots of silicon of various thicknesses covered with ZEP-520 A



Arash Hazeghi wrote:
> Dear Mahnaz, Dear James,
> I was about to prepare a wafer when I discovered we are out of ZEP 520, someone had put the empty bottle in the fridge! This has been happening frequently. Due to the lead time in ordering ZEP I recommend the bottle be checked periodically and orders be placed when liquid level is low so users don't end up stuck w/o resist. 
> Thanks,
> -Arash
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