Raith is back on-line

Sukru Ekin Kocabas kocabas at stanford.edu
Fri Apr 17 16:23:54 PDT 2009

Raith field service came today. Here are the notes that Marry wrote to coral:

"The field service rep replaced and tightened the belt.  He also saw a water flow error, so flushed the cooling lines.  According to him, the system is available to use.  Please check equipment status and setup carefully before using.  And many thanks to Andrei!
Have fun writing!"

After the field service had left, there were some error messages which were not cleared, Andrei cleared them in a heroic manner. Raith seems to be working fine now.

Li (coral zhangli) gratuitously let us use the time she had. Krishna (coral kcbalram) and I (coral kocabas) are on the tool now.


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