Air handler problems in the raith room ....

John Shott shott at
Thu Dec 3 10:24:10 PST 2009

James and Raith community:

Earlier this morning, I believe, a bearing failed in the air handler 
that provides clean, tempered air in the Raith room.  The bearing 
replacement is under way and should be completed by about 12:30.  
However, until that is operational, the room will likely be dirtier than 
normal and, more importantly, may experience somewhat wider than normal 
temperature fluctuations.

I don't know if we have an accurate and easily visible temperature 
monitor in that room, but folks should be on the lookout for 
temperature-induced problems.  While we hope that this will not become a 
serious problem, anyone doing very high resolution work, in particular, 
may wish to defer their write until things have been properly repaired 
and stabilized.



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