Shutdown and Startup plan of action for all Beam Tools in SNF EBeam Lab

James W. Conway jwc at
Tue Dec 15 18:19:34 PST 2009

*Greetings Ebeam Lab Users:*

Shutdown plan for the Holiday Break:

The Ebeam Lab will be under restricted access for all Users after 7 AM 
WED. December 16, 2009.  Only SNF maintenance personnel and RAITH USA 
Inc. Field service people will be allowed into the clean room after 7 AM 
tomorrow. (I.E., No User access whatsoever after 7 AM WED. December 16, 

Users must remove all Engineering materials, supplies, notebooks, 
substrates and all over samples from the Ebeam Lab pass through, all 
cabinets, and drawers before the shutdown begins.  All materials 
remaining in the lab will be cleaned up and may be discarded without 
fanfare or further notice.
(Happy to receive donations of Fused Silica (Quartz) and III/VI material 
substrates of any kind or size to aid in my work!)

Wednesday through Friday Noon this week:
RAITH Field Service and I will be performing a number of test and 
preventative maintenance routines to the RAITH 150 system including a 
full column rebuild with new aperture plate, anode plate, aperture liner 
tube, HV contact Pin, and FE-GUN Tip replacement.  Starting Friday we 
will initiate a series of two 200 hour bake outs of the column to reduce 
contamination levels in the column resulting from the PM. This effort is 
in order to get the Gun section into optimal Vacuum conditions for 
Startup in January.

Startup Plan for the New Year:

Monday January 4, 2010 10 AM:  NO access today to the lab, we are still 
in shutdown and all access to this lab is restricted to SNF maintenance 
personnel and RAITH Field Service only.

Tuesday January 5, 2010 at 7 AM: 
SNF Clean room reopens for Users
Ebeam Lab is under restricted access for _Users of the sem4160 only_ 
through 3 PM while equipment qualifications are being conducted. NO 
other Users or access to the Ebeam lab please.

The RAITH 150 system will be qualified for operations and resolution by 
JWC and RAITH Field service.  There are a lot of action items to be 
completed over two days. This is the full qualification template and we 
request that no one interrupt our work during this time.
Please see me during my Office Hours from 9 - 10 AM at Allen 31 only!

Wednesday January 6, 2010:
10 AM to 5 PM: RAITH qualification and measurements of the results will 
be conducted and performance will be evaluated.
Final beam and column linear amplifier alignments will be performed.  We 
likely will run additional exposure and sub-system test to ensure we 
meet factory specifications for the tool.

Tentatively from 5 PM until 3 PM the following day:
_ONLY RAITH Champions_ will be permitted to access the RAITH 150 
system.  We desire reports of your results to aid in our evaluation.

Thursday January 7, 2010:  All Users are welcome to return to normal 
operations in the Ebeam Lab and all equipment is available for all 
Qualified Users.

*A note about EBEAM, our Hitachi HL-700-F exposure system:*
We continue to experience problems with TCP/ICP connectivity, I/O 
queuing issues between the Data translation and Ebeam memory and write 
buffers, along with  other significant hardware problems we believe is 
due to the older VAX hardware or firmware used on this system.
  The system is currently down and not available for Users at this time. 
In the second week of the year we will return to this task and make a 
effort to bring this system back up and on line for Users in late January.

Users and groups still interested in working on this tool during 2010 
are encouraged to send me a brief email of your interest in working on 
this tool to motivate and support us in our efforts to restore this tool 
to operation.  Should there not be any interest in using this tool in 
the future by Stanford Users; we will begin discussions towards 
decommissioning this tool in Early 2010. 

Thank you for your ongoing support through 2009!
To you and your families, have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season and a 
joyous New Year!

Happy Holidays to Everyone,

James Conway
Ted Berg
and all the SNF Staff.

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