[Fwd: Problem raith SNF 2009-01-07 16:55:00: system qualification FAILED == poor write field to write field stitching]

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Jan 7 17:31:03 PST 2009

*Good Afternoon Raith Users:*

Today I attempted to qualify the RAITH 150 system for performance and 

The system FAILED its qualification due to very poor stitching 
performance and some variability in the measured Beam Current (Beam I) 
through the course of many measurements.

I was able to obtain a 10 nm short period shot dot and image it clearly 
showing exceptional resolution of the FE SEM column.  Some house 
vibration was evident as has been normal due to the construction across 
the street. Image ripple is 5 - 7 nm FWHM.

Users will note that it takes very little translation of the focus or 
stigmation controls to evidence a change in focus or stigmation.  This 
indicates a very clean column and no contamination in the column from 
hydrocarbons.  Users are requested to bake out all samples going into 
the system at 90 degrees C. for 2 minutes on the hot plate in the Ebeam 
Lab to ensure system cleanliness is maintained.

The write field alignment values I obtained this morning were slightly 
different that before the column PM routine was performed -- this may 
have been due to operator error in the dot selection during the Manual 
write field alignment operation I performed as I set up my exposure 
job.  The USH holder stage was flat to within 2.2 µm across a 90 mm 
wafer and it is well within specification. 

Tomorrow, January 8, 2009 starting at about 10 AM I will "Share the 
Ride' with the scheduled Users coming onto the system, Hailang and 
Salmon I think. I will then repeat the System qualification again and 
attempt to qualify the system for all Users before seeking further 
avenues of support

RAITH Champions only on the system overnight, unless you contact me in 
advance before 10 PM.

Users are requested to carefully inspect their patterns for pattern 
design CD to EBL patterning results CD and report minimum resolution 
obtained, write field to write field stitching, and exposure matrix dose 
issues before committing to any pattern transfer method. Please briefly 
report your results to this email list.  Please log all parameters 
requested in the Operations Log Book for my evaluation tomorrow.

Welcome Back and Happy New Years!

James Conway

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Subject: 	Problem raith SNF 2009-01-07 16:55:00: system qualification 
FAILED == poor write field to write field stitching
Date: 	Wed, 7 Jan 2009 16:55:00 -0800
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Good Afternoon:
RAITH system qualification FAILED == poor write field to write field stitching results in numerous patterns written.
While stage flatness and imaging resolution was excellent and very high resolution features were obtained; the write field to write field stitching results were far out of specification.
I will repeat the System qualification in my session tomorrow.
James Conway

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