FAQ NO 6: HOW to get help on the RAITH System during your session -- "Who are your gonna call"

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Fri May 22 15:46:05 PDT 2009

*Good Afternoon Raith Users:

*Starting tomorrow and continuing through June 1, 2009 I will be away 
from SNF attending  personal business and next week attending the Three 
Beams conference on the East Coast.
During this time I will be off the cell phone grid at times and you will 
be unable to reach me by cell phone for support on the Raith 150 system.  
I will respond to all voice mail left on my phone as soon as I am able 
to at 415-412-4825.

All PMMA's have been stock in sufficient supplies to last through this 
period.  Please use these expensive engineering materials frugally and 
delay opening the new bottles until the old bottles are depleted.

Please enlist the aid of your local Raith Champions for assistance on 
the tool should you run into any problems whatsoever.

Below and attached I have the Raith FAQ No. 6,* *How to Get Help - "WHO 

Please play nicely together and work to maximize throughput on the 
system while I am away.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway


How to Get Help - “WHO ARE YOU GOING TO 
CALL”                                   *

* *

*Greetings Raith Users:**
*I wish to remind everyone that we have set into place a hierarchical 
structure on what to do and whom to call if you encounter problems on 
the RAITH 150 system

during my absence, or for those times I am not be available by cell phone.


*  For Example:*


·        You encounter a LOAD LOCK ERROR on the system and cannot

·        continue the Load or Unload cycle without an administrator 
login and support.

·        The pumps or system hardware are not working normally and the

·        logic may have become reversed.

·        Beam Blanking Logic is reversed due to an RAITH150.exe

·        application crash when the beam was unblanked in your software 
panel ...

1.   If I am available, try to call me on my cell phone and I will walk 
you through the Recovery procedures. My number is 001-415-412-4825.
 Be sure to leave Voice Mail if I don’t answer!


2.   Try then to contact a RAITH Champion:

                   Andrei Faraon faraon at stanford.edu 
<mailto:faraon at stanford.edu>  650-723-2279
                   Xinran Wang  xinranw at gmail.com <mailto:xinranw at gmail.com>
                    Kelley Rivoire krivoire at stanford.edu 
<mailto:krivoire at stanford.edu>  650-575-2010
                   Jun Pan panjun at stanford.edu 
<mailto:panjun at stanford.edu> 650-353-6588



3.      Contact a RAITH USA Application Support Specialist:

Dr. Joseph Klingfus, Applications Scientist jk at raithusa.com 
<mailto:jk at raithusa.com> 1-218-483-1267


            4. For Major Hardware issues and all emergencies with the 
LEO or

RAITH Hardware:

Contact the RAITH USA Field Service Manager, Cole Loomis cl at raithusa.com 
<mailto:cl at raithusa.com>
(631) 738-9500 or Kevin Burcham kb at raithusa.com <mailto:kb at raithusa.com> 
at the same number RAITH USA.
or if they have left the office for the day, Lev Markov our West Coast 
based RAITH Field Service Engineer at 415-494-5510

Please be careful with the system during my absence!

All the Best, 


James Conway

Stanford Nanofabrication Facility.

Cell 415-412-4825

jwc at snf.stanford.edu <mailto:jwc at snf.stanford.edu>


*Thank you all for your support!*

James Conway
Ebeam Technology Group
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility.

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