ZEP - 520 in Anisole has been restocked in the SNF clean room refrigerator

James Conway toecutter4ranger at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 10:57:53 PDT 2010

Good Morning to ALL ZEP-520A users:

A new batch of ZEP-520 A has been received and restocked into the SNF clean
room refrigerator.

Please be frugal in the amounts you use on your wafers to minimize waste.
 The material needs to be refrigerated -- but it is very sensitive to
moisture which will cause hydrolysis resulting in gelation of the material.
 Please allow the source bottle to warm to room temperature, roughly 30
minutes after removing from the refrigerator, to avoid condensation of water
vapor before opening the bottle and decanting the amount you need to use in
a syringe.

The material is not very thick and I normally can spin 8 - 10 wafers using 5
ml of material.

Thank you for your support!

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