I will be working on the RAITH this afternoon starting a few minutes later than 2:15 PM and I WANT MY SESSION!

James W. Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Jun 17 14:19:02 PDT 2010

Greetings Raith Group 42 and Raith User Community:

Running  a few minutes late while I prepare my files BUT I DO WANT MY 
SESSION starting at 2:00 now for 2:15.  I load at 2:30 PM if anyone 
wishes to share the ride. ;-)

To RAITH Group 42:
Some of you have finished your qualification session and now have 
obtained a login on the tool.  For the rest of you in Group 42 or soon 
to come onto the system  in coming RAITH Basic User classes you are 
welcome to join me this afternoon to continue, or start, your training 
on the system. If you are ready to qualify you can join me today 2:30 - 
6:00 PM or tomorrow 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Otherwise you will have to 
make an appointment with me and get your session scheduled with me AND 
FYI: Michal B.  is also scheduled to qualify on 6-24-2010 from 1:00 to 
6:00 PM, and you may also join us for that session.

Any RAITH Users seeking project support or assistance in operational 
procedures can see me this afternoon or  simply schedule a session with 
me during my office hours.

Your work and the quality of your Ebeam Lithography results are 
important to me, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any 
concern are challenges while working on the system.

All the Best in your Research,

James Conway

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