nearly out of ZEP

James W. Conway jwc at
Wed Jun 23 14:03:35 PDT 2010

I have already ordered a new batch and when that one arrives soon we 
will order a second bottle as a backup.  Seems to me that usage is up 
from a year ago.

ALL Users are requested to be very careful in your usage of this 
material and try to minimize wasting any amount as it is a very 
expensive resist material.
When possible you should coat several substrates and use the full amount 
your withdrawn into the syringe and not just waste the unused material.
(Please NEVER ever return any sample or unused material back to the 
source bottle.)

Once applied to a wafer the material remains fine for EBL purposes for 


James Conway

On 6/20/2010 9:57 PM, Alex Neuhausen wrote:
> Hi James,
> Just wanted to let you know that there's about 1 ml of ZEP 520A left 
> in the bottle.
> Best,
> Alex
> Alex Neuhausen
> PhD Candidate Electrical Engineering
> Goldhaber-Gordon Lab
> 476 Lomita Mall
> Stanford, CA 94305
> Office: 650-725-2047
> Cell: 650-776-5672

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