Gentle reminder -- Raith Basic Users class starts at 10 AM today in Allen 201... the rest of the week in the Ebeam lab...

James W. Conway jwc at
Tue Mar 15 09:38:26 PDT 2011

Hello Raith Group 46:

Sorry about the short term notice --  this is your only reminder that I 
am having the Raith Basic Users class this week for enrolled attendees 
and those whom have recently expressed interest in joining us.
If you are in the To: field you are confirmed to attend this class.  
Others CC'd are invited to join us as observers and pending completion 
of pre-requisites you can continue training in the weeks that follow 
working with me during my RAITH sessions. This class is open to observe 
for all interested parties whom seek to further their knowledge of EBL.

We will start with a lecture on the background principles needed for 
quality EBL starting at 10 AM in ALLEN 201 up above the Allen lunchroom 
area, second floor...  The remainder of the class will be held each day 
in the Ebeam Lab in the SNF clean room.

Tuesday March 15, 2011   10 - 12:30 Lecture Allen 201
                                                 2 - 6 PM Demonstration 
of Layer one exposure with James driving the tool writing on 100 mm Si 
Wednesday March 16, 2011 10 - 6 PM Hand On session -- Layer One setup 
and overlay registration exposures.  We hope to break for lunch at 12:30 
- 2:00 PM then continue through the afternoon.
Thursday March 17, 2011 10 - 6 PM Hand On Session  -- More exposures on 
the same wafer adding to patterns written.  Introduction to the GDSII 
Editor and more exposure settings in detail.
Friday March 18, 2011 10 - 4 PM Hands On Session  - Exposures on your 
samples or mine possibly on another resist type.

With such a small class due to several people dropping the class we will 
have lots of time for discussions on the specific topics and 
applications of the tool for your projects. We will even be able to get 
some of the exposure parameters for your devices determined.  If you 
have GDSII patterns for your projects worked up by all means bring them 
to this class.

Thank you for your interest in Ebeam technologies here at SNF!


James Conway

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