MaN2403 / MaD525 expired

James W. Conway jwc at
Fri May 27 11:01:04 PDT 2011

Good Morning,

I have used the batch in the lab recently and did not have any problems 
with adhesion on Silicon and Quartz without HMDS prime.

Is it possible that your substrates have some residue on them from 
previous resist processes?  If you were doing optical lithography or 
PMMA EBL processing before on these substrates consider cleaning in 
Remover PG heated to above  40 degrees C for 10 or more minutes followed 
by 10 min. soak in Acetone, then Hot IPA with a perfect blow dry. I use 
the ultrasonic cleaner on wbsolvent.
Some users whom employ the HMDS prime and others are reporting back to 
me that it adhere better for them without the HMDS prime.  Possibly 
other users on this list may offer their suggestions for discussion.
I will bring in a new bottle of MaN-2403 today likely from the same 
batch and we will discard the old bottle.  The developer is a TMAH based 
basic solution and I don't think it will degrade significantly until it 
is over three years old.

Please try the new bottle on both your substrates and a clean Silicon 
wafer and let me know if you are still having problems.

Upon my return from Three Beams June 6 or 7th I will test the new bottle 
/ batch and if it is in any way changes from my process definition I 
will promptly order a new bottle or two for us.

Thank you for the heads up!


On 5/27/2011 10:01 AM, Takuo Tanemura wrote:
> Hello James,
> We have noticed yesterday that MaN2403 in the fab has expired in Oct. 
> 2010.  We are facing a problem that MaN2403 does not stick to a chip 
> (with thin SiO2 layer on Si) even after HMDS-primed with YES oven.  We 
> never had a problem about half year ago with similar process.
> Also, we noticed MaD525 has expired in Nov. 2010.
> I am wondering if you have stock on these chemicals and could replace 
> them to new ones.
> Thank you,
> Takuo

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