Replying to ZZP's call on blanking states last night

ToeCutter toecutter4ranger at
Fri Oct 7 04:13:43 PDT 2011

Hello All

Missed ZZP's call about midnight I was alseep and didn't wake up on  
the call.

If the blanker states have reversed logic try the following reset  
sequence: (It might have just been in his login.
  Sorry to have missed your call. Try this:
Be sure that the software Raith side is blanked. Then exit the Raith   
application. Exit the Smartsem. Close both windowns PC and' shut down  
Then check the high speed digital scan Processer and check the far  
right hand switch it should be in the up position. If down move it up.  
If beam is still on on the blanker box unit above it, momentarily pull  
up on the far left reset switch and it should be OK.
Please call me if you are still up,
Lev Markov will be there at 10 AM.
I'm just getting up at 4:00 AM and anyone on the machine can call me.

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