Espacer polymer was discovered out of resist fridge please reply if you used this material

ToeCutter toecutter4ranger at
Tue Dec 11 14:51:55 PST 2012

This morning I discovered the ESPACER 300z was not returned to the resist refrigerator but placed with the other Ebeam resist in the yellow cabinet. It was at 20 C. Temperature when I found it.

This material is a very expensive and fragile molecule that if allowed to warm to air will quickly degrade and render itself unable to conduct on thin films for surface charge compensation.

I am requesting the user or users that used this material this week to see me or reply to this email. I desire to know the time of use and if it was returned to the refrigerator, or left on a bench.
It was contained in a plastic bag with a keep refrigerated label on it. 

If any user found this out on any bench and returned it to the yellow cabinet please reply as well so I can get an idea how long it may have been to room temperature.
At about $3K for 100 ml I am likely not to replace this material. This was a brand new bottle it was just brought into the lab a week ago. It's needed for many critical EBL projects here in the lab to compensate for surface charging on dielectric and oxide substrate.

Please see me ASAP if you have information. 


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