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In short, he was to be the lord and master, and she the humble slave. Yes, I want to put in its place this crowned phoenix rising from thenest in flames.
Yes, hes a man from Bulli: was aflying-man all through the war.
Why, dont you know that Ilove you as no man ever was loved? The chief in Victoria was a smartchap, a mining expert. The object was the memorial to the fallen soldiers.
Carvedon the bottom step it said, Unveiled by Grannie Rhys.
She lovedAustralia, loved it far more quiveringly and excitedly than he. And the young baker, inemulation, dashed through the village on his creamy pony.
The bird looked over its shoulderin surprise. And she, she must be safely there, as a nest for him,when he came home with his feathers pecked. Even attable he was half oblivious of the presence of the other people.
But she had in the last issue the twilightindifference of the fern-world. I should think so, he replied, with a queer, mistrustful tone.
Now she looked at him half guiltily out of one eye, thekitchen towel hanging over the other eye. These ancient flat-topped tree-ferns, these towsled palms like mops.
Meanwhile Victoria in a trill of nervous excitement and exaltation wastalking Europe with Harriet. One would have thought he was herdear old dad.
The fallen had Lest we forget, for a motto.
No, I dontknow that he has any licence or anything.
But the mind in a kind of twilight sleep.
The clubs were still chiefly athletics, but not SPORTING.
There was nothing to be done with Jack but toplay draughts with him. They called him the Emu, to match Kangaroo on theAustralian coat of arms.
There are no problems for the soul in its darkened, wide-eyed torpor. 
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