Chemical Safety Violation in Litho

Mary Tang mtang at
Fri Aug 20 09:27:49 PDT 2004

Hello all --

Just a reminder and follow up...  Please either retake the safety test (if
you have not taken it before) or provide me with a question that can be used
on future safety tests by Monday, Aug. 23.  For reference, the safety manual
is available online in PDF format from links at and if you would like a
copy of the safety test (a good idea anyway, if you don't remember it, for
creating new questions), contact me (Maureen is on vacation.)  If I don't
receive something by Monday, you may be disqualified from the following

> headway2:  yinliu, lindaw, weigao, levi
> laurel:  lgx, arvind, raychen
> svgcoat:   axiu, lindaw, weigao, yeh, alissa, mcconnel, jgarate

Again, I deeply apologize for being hardnosed about this, but we have to do
something (another unlabeled beaker was found yesterday morning!) and if it
means cutting a wide swath to make a point, well, I'll do it.  Please help
improve safety in the lab by complying with this request and spreading the



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