Shelving in litho area

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Nov 10 10:04:42 PST 2005

Hi Beinn --

Thanks for pointing this out!  We have been in the process of bolting all
the shelves, usually to the wall.  We'll double-check this shelving unit. 
The glassware should not be on top, and we will warn the owner (and I've a
sneaking suspicion who this is, as this person has been asked to remove
this stuff before).


Quoting Beinn Muir <beinnmuir at>:

> Hi all,
> I noticed yesterday when going around the lab that the shelves in the
> litho
> area (opposite the YES oven) are not bolted to the ground or the wall. I
> was under the impression that in an earthquake zone this was a necessity.
> There was also a number of glass dishes stored on the top of the shelves,
> with nothing to stop them falling off in even a minor shake. What is the
> policy regarding this in the SNF lab?
> Thanks!
> Best regards,
> Beinn...

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