Safety concern at tylans 1-4

Mary Tang mtang at
Fri Jan 13 16:47:58 PST 2006

Hi everyone --

Chris Kenney just told me something that could be a serious concern...  
Next to tylans 1-4 is a very narrow door to the service area.  Because 
it is canted at an angle away from tylans 1-4, it's hard to see if 
anyone is loading at the tylans.  Chris was loading wafers, and 
therefore standing on a stool, just behind the door, when a staff member 
came through the door very quickly, causing the door to slam into his 
back.  He's fine -- but very rightly pointed out that this could be a 
serious problem if he'd tried to brace himself or fell forward onto a 
hot tube....

What about locking the door?  It's pretty narrow, so you can't move a 
solvent cart through -- it's probably used as a convenient avenue for  
people who want to get an extra bag of gloves, wipes, or other supplies 
that are stored back there.

Also, I just gave the EE410 tours.  One student asked if we should be 
labeling all the doors that are not exits from the lab as exits (such as 
the Micronics room or some of the other finger wall doors), or if we 
could label the door leading from litho to the ebeam room as an exit.    
What do you think?


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