Safety concern at tylans 1-4

Dick Crane rcrane at
Tue Jan 17 15:50:10 PST 2006


The door has a window in it presently. The tables in the aisle, along 
with door, create a narrow passageway near the loading station. Let's 
review the situation on the next safety tour.


John Shott wrote:

> Mary:
> Yes, we should do something to improve that door situation ... either 
> lock it more put a window in it or something.
> Also, "standing on a stool" sounds a bit precarious if it is one of 
> those little round, rolling steps.  We should probably look carefully 
> at a reasonable way to get people up to the top tube of those Thermcos 
> that doesn't, even if they don't get bumped in the back, run the risk 
> of someone either stumbling off a stool or tumbling into a hot boat.
> Thanks,
> John
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