chronic HCl type of smell

Robin King robinhmb at
Thu Mar 1 16:21:01 PST 2007


Uli suggested I write to this group.  Right now and occasionally
recently there has been a low-grade HCl / seaweed kind of smell that
comes and goes, near wbsilicide and the LPCVDs, and also a little by
wbdiff.  Not everyone can smell it, but after Jim McV and Uli checked
it out, Josh (student) came by and said he clearly smelled it.  

Tylan4 is running with tlcclean, BUT it's just started with no TLC
yet and the smell came before that.  Wbsilicide hotpots are cold. 
Wbdiff HCl pot was changed at 2:30pm and is hot. The flow seems good
into the wetbenches.

I wanted to let you know so this problem can be tracked down.

Robin King

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