chronic HCl type of smell

Robin King robinhmb at
Fri Mar 2 13:42:55 PST 2007

Thanks for checking into this.  I'm in the lab and there's no smell
so far, but will send a msg when and if it comes back.  It persisted
for some hours yesterday so my guess is that it's probably from a
continuing source somewhere (ruling out food or user mistake, unless
someone keeps spilling HCl every so often).

Thanks again;  it will probably be just 'one of those things.'


BTW, the HCl baths are off right now in case they're related. 

--- Dick Crane <rcrane at> wrote:

> Investigated "chronic, HCl type smell" in L114-116, and 118 areas
> this 
> morning. Four different noses could not detect any HCl type odor.
> All 
> wetbenches were checked for proper exhaust draw using an
> anemometer. 
> Flows were good. Checked furnace exhausts, no anomalies were found.
> Weekly burnbox clean was due this morning, but normal pressures
> were 
> observed. Suggest we keep a nose out for any additional events.
> Possible odor sources might be:
> Outside odors drawn into the fab.
> User not following wetbench/chem handling protocol.
> Furnace burnbox overpressurizing and leaking.
> APfurnace end plate not sealing during TCL clean.
> Ripe bunnysuit. (No kidding, I once located that as a source).
> Dick
> Robin King wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >Uli suggested I write to this group.  Right now and occasionally
> >recently there has been a low-grade HCl / seaweed kind of smell
> that
> >comes and goes, near wbsilicide and the LPCVDs, and also a little
> by
> >wbdiff.  Not everyone can smell it, but after Jim McV and Uli
> checked
> >it out, Josh (student) came by and said he clearly smelled it.  
> >
> >Tylan4 is running with tlcclean, BUT it's just started with no TLC
> >yet and the smell came before that.  Wbsilicide hotpots are cold. 
> >Wbdiff HCl pot was changed at 2:30pm and is hot. The flow seems
> good
> >into the wetbenches.
> >
> >I wanted to let you know so this problem can be tracked down.
> > 
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Robin King
> >
> >
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