slippery floor by drytek4

John Shott shott at
Sun Nov 23 18:46:52 PST 2008


Thanks for sending this ...

I've taken a look in there and agree that it is slippery .... although I 
really can't see anything that explains why is it slippery.  
Nonetheless, I've raided the janitorial closest and use some of their 
general purpose cleaner to try to improve things and have made several 
passes in an effort to remove the slipperiness .... of course, floors 
aren't my long suit.

I think that it is noticeably better although I still detect a slight 
bit of slipperiness in front of the machine that is to the left of drytek4.

I'd appreciate it if someone would check out that area .... I've done 
enough of the shuffle test in that area that I no longer trust my 
results and would appreciate if someone could provide independent 
confirmation of whether it is still slippery and if so in exactly which 
areas ...

I did ask Mary Callarudo to test this for me and she reported that she 
no longer detects slipperiness ... and based on that I decided that I 
didn't need to barricade the area or send out a general alarm.

I still don't know what it is .... but most of the lubricants and oils 
that are used in a cleanroom tend to be silicone based which, in 
general, are tricky to remove.

Thanks again for reporting this ...


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