Fire hazard

Thomas O'Sullivan tdo at
Thu Feb 18 12:06:29 PST 2010

I am admitting a mistake I made this morning, in the hopes that we can 
help prevent others from making the same one.  Fortunately my mistake 
was caught before a more significant problem developed:

(this is from my wbgaas problem report)

I arrived to use the GaAs wetbench this morning, enabled, and pressed 
the POWER RESET button because I desired to use the DI water faucet.  
The previous user had left the hot plate temperature set on, and there 
was a cleanroom wipe also left on the hot plate.  Since the reset button 
powers everything on, the hot plate began to heat.  The wipe was burned 
on the hotplate, and the surface needs cleaning from the charred wipe.   

I admit that I should have checked the hot plate was off after hitting 
the POWER RESET button (as trained), but it is easy to forget since I 
had no desire to use the hot plate.  I think it would be better to have 
the DI water (and aspirator) functional by enabling on Coral, rather 
than having to hit the reset button.  That would  prevent a potentially 
hazardous situation if another user makes the same mistake.  Note this 
is how wbgen operates (there is no need to turn on the power to the hot 
plate in order to get water / aspirator). 


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