safety concern about Au etchant

Sangmoo Jeong popomoo at
Tue Jul 31 19:51:00 PDT 2012

Dear safety committee

I think Au etchant in SNF is toxic.
Thus, all the samples and containers should be rinsed at least three times after use.
However, the user 'maxms' always use it in a bad way.

1) He rinsed his samples only once. He always used two beakers, one was for Au etchant and the other one was for water.
After he dipped his sample in the Au etchant for a while, he rinsed it only once in the water beaker.
And, he dried and carried it out to other machines. 
The worse thing was that he kept using the same water to rinse a couple of his wafers without changing the water.
I asked him to rinse his wafers three times and change the water, but he said Au ethant was not toxic.
I think he didn't have any safety concerns about Au etchant.

2) He didn't write down the full list of chemicals when he used the Au etchant.
He only wrote down 'Au etch, 100%'.
When I got trained by Uli, she kept saying that I should write down the full list of chemicals.
I think he didn't follow the rule.

I saw his misbehavior at least couple of times. 
He sometimes forgot to put the Au etchant and waste bottle back to the cabinet.

I think this problem should be handled properly.

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